2971 Carbon Lanyard (Pink)


$ 79.95 

Our carbon Series Lanyard has been designed to be the first freediving lanyard that has full 360 degree rotation at the carabiner and wrist strap ends. The Carabiner has been designed in house using CAD to make it as user friendly and as safe as possible. It is made using our Industrial CFF 3D printer, printed with nylon infused Carbon Fibre and a Glass fibre core running through it to give strength comparable to Aluminium.

With have having full rotation both ends its stays true and straight throughout the dive, and especially at the turn. Giving you confidence that your lanyard will not hinder your dive.

It 120cm long end to end and weighs 185g in total. It has a quick release shackle to easily disconnect when needed. Our wrist straps for both the Carbon and Steel lanyard use our carbon nylon slip rings to secure the strap to your wrist much the same way a climber’s harness is secured. With testing done, velcro securing was not deemed 100% at all times especially as it becomes more and used. It takes a touch longer to put on than the convenience of velcro only, but you can be sure the lanyard will not come off.It comes in only black, except with the choice of the wrist straps in either Neon Pink, Neon Blue and Black, which is coloured code to the quick release toggles.

The Lanyard is at present going through a strength certification, showing that it can withstand great shock loads. This will give the wearer absolute confidence the Lanyard will keep its integrity when put under strain. 

Length: 120cm

Weight: 85gr