2971 Series 1 - X Carbon Blades


$ 399.00 

The 29/71 carbon fibre blades have been meticulously designed and engineered to be in-sync with human ergonomics and correct finning techniques, helping to reduce fatigue in the quadriceps and minimise stress on the ankle, allowing the diver to descend and ascend powerfully, efficiently and beautifully. Whether you dive to 15m or wish to come from 75m and beyond, the carbon fibre is layered to give you the power and flex at whatever depth you want to go.

T300 Toray Carbon Fibre T2 205g/m

Vacuum Resin Infusion is used to give the blades the perfect ratio of resin to carbon fibre consistently. Giving the lightest and strongest power to weight ratio carbon fibre blades compared to Wet Lay Up blades.

260g/Blade with Silicone Edging

Total Length 84cm
Blade Length 70cm
Angled Length 14cm
Width 20cm (widest)

Footpocket Angle
24 Degrees

Soft: Is our Stiffest Blade. Suited for divers with a strong kick or a shorter powerful kick amplitude.

Super-Soft: Is our Mid Stifness Blade. Suited for divers with a strong kick but with wider amplitude in their kick.

Ultra-Soft: Is our softest stiffness Blade. Suited for divers with their leg strength is not strong or with a very slow and wide kick amplitude.

All the flexes will propel the diver from great depth, the best to choose is how strong and how wide your kick is, and how quickly your legs tire. Inorder to load our blades with the correct amount of energy you have you flex the blade to the inflection point to get the response. Stronger legs will be able to better suited to the soft, but if you kick slowly but have strong legs Super Soft would better suited. Any questions regarding our flexes please contact and we can advise.