Cressi 16mm Bulk Rubber


$ 3.25 

The speargun elastic rubber band is made of natural latex for superior performance and to ensure long-lasting use. The top-quality latex is provided by an industry leader and the most sought-after rubber world. The physical properties of the natural latex are better, the quality higher and the colors more vibrant than products manufactured from dry natural or synthetic materials. In addition, the tubing has only 50 micrograms or less of water-extractable protein per gram. This is important since proteins in natural rubber can cause severe allergic reactions in those individuals who are allergic to the types of protein found in natural rubber. This is known as the "latex allergy". No other rubber tubing can claim to have lower protein levels. Outer diameter: 16 mm | 5/8 in. Internal diameter: 3.2 mm | 1/8 in.  The rubber band is compatible with any Cressi speargun and also with other brands.