Cressi Minima Mask


$ 67.00 

  • Two-lens mask design
  • Versions: transparent silicone, black silicone
  • Materials: liquid silicone, technopolymer, polycarbonate
  • Buckles: quick adjustment
  • Internal volume: 95 cm³ | 5.8 cu in
  • Frame dimensions: 168 x 45 mm | 6.6 x 1.8 in
  • Weight (with strap included): 118 g | 4.2 oz
  • Graduated glasses: not available

A mask expressly conceived for deep apnea with innovative features that put it at the top of its category. The special silicone facial, very enveloping and equipped with a minimum skirt, adheres especially well to the face, reducing dead spaces inside the mask to a minimum. The internal volume is therefore very small and favors an extremely easy compensation reducing the air consumption during the descent.
The glass / eye distance is the absolute smallest on the market and guarantees, even with its small surface glass, a correct viewing angle in all directions. The two lenses are made of tempered glass with a thickness greater than the standard to allow special safety.
The buckles are instantaneously adjustable for easy and precise tensioning. The flat lenses together with the special rigidity of the central bridge guarantee always a perfect quality of vision underwater without the usual distortions in this type of mask.
Ideal use: apnea, snorkeling, and replacement mask for technical diving.