Gatku Eight'er


$ 209.00 

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Made in USA. 1/2" diameter pole breaks down into two sections, the all aluminum rear section (48"), and the carbon graphite front end section (36"). Includes 1 standard band. Heads are sold separately. Select from Barbed Paralyzer, Signature Paralyzer, Flopper, Dyneema or Cable Slip-Tip heads.

The most versatile spear we offer, a weapon for just about every occasion. Use our Signature Paralyzer or Barbed Paralyzer with InshoreShrinker for inshore diving. If going for bigger pelagic fish be sure to get our Slip-Tip.




Sleek, 3/8” diameter, carbon graphite front end allows diver to effortlessly swing polespear with minimized drag in the water; this is a benefit especially when tracking fish.


Extended section in front of loaded hand allows you to see where the polespear is headed. Eliminating the 'shooting from the hip' factor. Instead, you are capable of pinpointing target with limited guesswork.


Polespear won't feel so 'weighted down' in the rear with the tip 3’ away from loaded hand; Resulting in natural tracking movements plus a more comfortable hold.


With 3’ of polespear in front of your extended, loaded hand, fish are much more approachable. The proximity of a diver's body and the fish is a greater distance, making it less likely spooked.