Koah Element Speargun Bag

Koah Spearguns

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The new Koah ELEMENT Speargun travel bag really goes beyond the idea of a traditional Speargun Bag. Built with a strong 1000 Denier PVC weather proof exterior, marine grade zippers, heavy duty straps and support buckles. Stores not one but two Spearguns in the protective end pockets with two secure straps per Speargun to keep them from moving in transit. Securely holds six shafts with a padded protective cover to keep the shafts from causing damage to the spearguns. Has an extra large dry pouch for bands, tips, wallet, keys, ext. The Koah ELEMENT Speargun bag also has two accessory straps for a pole spear and is tall enough to stow dive fins. If your looking for a travel accessory that safely move your gear... and your dive partners for that matter, this is your answer.