• Cinch Knot Cord QUICK VIEW Cinch Knot Cord $ 0.24

    Cinch Knot Cord

    $ 0.24

    Non Slip Cord great for tying bands Cost Per Foot
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  • Spectra 3.2mm 2500lb QUICK VIEW Spectra 3.2mm 2500lb $ 1.50

    Spectra 3.2mm 2500lb

    $ 1.50

    Spectra is a super strong Polyethylene fiber that offers maximum strength and minimal weight Spectra floats on water and is extremely durable Extremely resistant to UV 15x stronger than steel...
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  • Neptonics Powerheads QUICK VIEW Neptonics Powerheads $ 15.00

    Neptonics Powerheads

    $ 15.00

    Powerheads are a very controversial subject in the spearfishing community. We do not condone hunting with powerheads, however, we do condone protecting yourself. These power heads are CNC-machined from Delrin...
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  • Neptonics Tri-Fold Rigging Bag QUICK VIEW Neptonics Tri-Fold Rigging Bag OUT OF STOCK SALE

    Neptonics Tri-Fold Rigging Bag

    $ 25.00 $ 39.99

    Sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock.

    Looking for a rigging bag that does it all? Well, look no further! Made from ballistic nylon, this bag has 6 compartments to organize all of your spearfishing accessories. This...
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  • Neptonics Crimps QUICK VIEW Neptonics Crimps $ 0.25

    Neptonics Crimps

    $ 0.25

    Double Barrel Crimps 200#, 300#, 400# crimps available Priced Per Crimp
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