• Gatku Pole Strecher QUICK VIEW Gatku Pole Strecher $ 119.00

    Gatku Pole Strecher

    $ 119.00

    Want a longer pole? This new modular extension allows you over 2 feet of extra length! Receives 1/2" Gatku rear on 1 side (female) and Gatku front on the other side...
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  • Gatku G-String QUICK VIEW Gatku G-String $ 35.00

    Gatku G-String

    $ 35.00

    This is not a trigger mechanism. It is however, a game-changer. Simply put, it’s a loading rest. Load your polespear and hook the G onto the String...it’s that easy. When...
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  • Crist Phoenix Bands QUICK VIEW Crist Phoenix Bands from $ 14.00

    Crist Phoenix Bands

    $ 14.00

    Rubber does not last forever. An extra band is nice to have on hand. Quick change bands allow you to go from band to band in a matter of seconds....
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