Freedive Gear

  • Spearpro Fin Keepers QUICK VIEW Spearpro Fin Keepers $ 8.00

    Spearpro Fin Keepers

    $ 8.00

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  • Silicone Weight Belt (Black) QUICK VIEW Silicone Weight Belt (Black) $ 52.00

    Silicone Weight Belt (Black)

    $ 52.00

    Silicone weight belt.Exceptional elasticity allows the weight belt to expand and contact with your wetsuit, keeping your weights securely in place during each ascent and descent.Highly durable, great for freediving...
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  • Aquaseal + Neo Neoprene Contact Cement QUICK VIEW Aquaseal + Neo Neoprene Contact Cement $ 9.00 $ 6.00 SALE

    Aquaseal + Neo Neoprene Contact Cement

    $ 6.00 $ 9.00

    Wetsuit repair is simple and quick with Aquaseal NEO. Previously known as Seal Cement, this black contact cement is formulated to permanently bond with neoprene and other coated materials. With...
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  • Mask Strap QUICK VIEW Mask Strap $ 5.50

    Mask Strap

    $ 5.50

    Black Silicone Mask Strap
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  • D Ring QUICK VIEW D Ring $ 3.75

    D Ring

    $ 3.75

    2 1/4" D Ring Great for running on your weight belt for accessories.
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  • Koah Element Speargun Bag QUICK VIEW Koah Element Speargun Bag OUT OF STOCK SALE

    Koah Element Speargun Bag

    $ 100.00 $ 185.00

    Sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock.

    The new Koah ELEMENT Speargun travel bag really goes beyond the idea of a traditional Speargun Bag. Built with a strong 1000 Denier PVC weather proof exterior, marine grade zippers,...
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  • Cetma Composites S-Wing Footpockets (White) QUICK VIEW Cetma Composites S-Wing Footpockets (White) $ 139.99

    Cetma Composites S-Wing Footpockets (White)

    $ 139.99

    1) Foot on carbon: the new s-WING footpocket by CETMA COMPOSITES enable a longer blade portion under the foot, basically, using CETMA COMPOSITES blades the foot is totally layed on carbon...
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  • SpearPro Genesis Footpockets QUICK VIEW SpearPro Genesis Footpockets $ 99.95

    SpearPro Genesis Footpockets

    $ 99.95

    SpearPro thermoplastic Footpockets are very comfortable and affordable pockets that will work on most blades in the market. Assembly kit sold separate. Sold by the pair.
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  • Leaderfins Finswimmer Mono Fin QUICK VIEW Leaderfins Finswimmer Mono Fin $ 160.00 $ 85.00 SALE

    Leaderfins Finswimmer Mono Fin

    $ 85.00 $ 160.00

    - Finswimmer monofin has ~ 7 degrees foot pocket angle that makes your swimming much easier and reduces fatigue.- The blade is made of high quality multilayered fiberglass.- Equipped with...
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